Philip Baskaron


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What You Need to Know 

Maintaining a high quality staff of employees is a real challenge in this business and often is the difference between success and  failure. Not only do most of the shrink (theft) problems come from employees, but also the way in which your employees treat customers goes a long way towards success and failure.

Many gas station dealers feel that they are independent businessmen. The relationship between the dealer and the supplier is more of a partnership and needs to be viewed that way for the greatest success.

Oil Companies strongly prefer on-site owner operators. History shows the chance of success is greater with an owner operator rather than an absentee owner.

Most successful dealers are computer literate, are very detail oriented, and realize that much of their management is done at a desk and not in front of the cash register.

Since there is very little product differentiation, the way a store is merchandized often determines that dealer's level of success.

The success of a gas station is based on regular customer repeat business and ancillary sales from your gas customers. The customer needs to feel good about buying at your station and if there is a problem, the owner is usually the one who needs to fix that problem.